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As a founder of a successful software business who is considering an exit, you are likely thinking about succession planning or retirement. Or, perhaps you are looking to sell your business while remaining in business while taking on new roles and responsibilities.

Joining Volaris Group gives you the ability to preserve the legacy of your business and continue serving the best interests of your customers and employees.

What's in It For You


You care deeply about your company, and so do we. Keep the legacy of what you’ve built alive by entrusting it with a company that’s never sold a business we’ve acquired (and never will). 


Your people are your greatest asset. Post-acquisition we provide employees with opportunities to develop their talent and learn from counterparts across the globe so they can continue to flourish. 


Whatever your business goals may befrom global expansion to strengthening sales and marketingwe’ll work with your leadership to try and make your ambitions a reality. Post-acquisition, you’ll enjoy access to a wealth of best practices, like-minded peers, and financial support. 


If you desire to remain with the business, we will work with you to realize your personal and professional goals. Many of our business leaders have taken on exciting new roles and responsibilities across our organization.

Hear From Leaders Who’ve Joined Us:

When you’re running your own business, you don’t always have someone you can ask what to do about this or that. When you’re part of Volaris, there are hundreds of people you can ask. Shared knowledge is so valuable. There is no other place I could have joined a club of software experts who all have the same goal and passion.

- Matt O'Donovan, CEO, WiFi SPARK

I think some customers have already forgotten that we were bought because nothing has changed.

- Jay Hoffman, CEO, Gallery Systems

Featured Content

If you’re thinking about getting started on your journey or want to take a deeper dive into some stories taken from previous founders who have sold to us, check out the resources below:

Frequently Asked Questions

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