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M&A Advisor

M&A advisors work with Volaris Group because of our reliable track record. We are proud to say we’ve acquired more than 170 companies, with a frequency of more than 20 acquisitions per year. You can rest easy knowing that we have the certainty to see the deal through, backed by the strong financial position of our parent company, Constellation Software (TSX: CSU).

Since we hold our companies forever and never sell them, your client can be assured their legacy will be intact in the long term. When you work with us, you ensure the best future for your client.

Why Work With Us?

M&A Advisors enjoy working with us because: 

  • We close deals quickly and efficiently
  • We have an exceptionally high close rate
  • We can accommodate diverse deal structures, including cash offers
  • We maintain a transparent, fair, and honest dialogue
  • We offer a secure future for your client

Our Acquisition Criteria

As a general guideline, we consider the following when evaluating a business for acquisition:  


We acquire B2B technology companies that sell proprietary solutions. Most of our businesses sell solutions to a specific vertical, or geographic market, however, we are expanding our mandate to consider other types of technology businesses. 


Smaller businesses with as few as a handful of employees and larger businesses with hundreds of employees have found their home at Volaris. 


With offices in 50+ countries around the world and dozens of languages spoken among our people, borders are not a barrier to acquisition. 


We are looking to further expand our footprint in our existing vertical markets, while also entering new markets with platform acquisitions. For a complete list of the markets we currently operate in, please visit our portfolio

Hear From Advisors Who Have Worked With Us

Volaris does an excellent job humanizing the acquisition process. They understand the shareholder perspective and work to maintain collaborative and productive relationships throughout the process. The Volaris team are experts in the software space - and have a clear vision for where they can help unlock value and grow the companies they acquire.

- Bruna Vianna, Managing Partner, Acorn Advisory

When looking for an acquirer, the company's leadership placed a high importance on finding a partner that could provide long-term value and strategic direction. It was important for the owners that the company continues with the current culture and identity, and Volaris stood out as the right fit because of their existing portfolio of vertical market software companies, which positioned them to understand and support the unique needs of this business.

- Kenneth Birkholm, Partner, Faqtum

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