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Our portfolio of retail businesses provide mission-critical solutions for retail market segments including convenience and fuel, hard and soft goods, specialty retailers, restaurants, and quick service retailers. 

Their suite of software for the retail industry includes accounting, back office, point of sale and inventory solutions for retail venues including shopping malls, airports, stadiums, convenience stores, co-ops, and more.


A trusted partner of the world's leading brands for more than 19 years, CPR Vision is a data-driven transformation business that seamlessly brings together technology, strategy and creative to deliver exceptional customer experiences for clients. 

NitroSell creates online stores that are built directly from Point-of-Sale (POS) data, to enable brick-and-mortar retailers to sell online through the NitroSell e-commerce platform. 

Aislelabs provides advanced WiFi location analytics and marketing solutions to large shopping malls, airports, stadiums, and other large retail venues around the world. 

Windward Software provides a complete ERP solution for the retail and customer service industries. 

ASC's solution,, is a specific ERP for car dealers. Their system supports the administrative processes, including for vehicle sales, workshop, and parts.  

Red River Software provides point-of-sale, back-office & accounting software solutions for convenience stores, co-ops, fuel dealers and petroleum marketers.   

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