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People Transportation


Volaris Group's People Transportation vertical is run by Modaxo — a global collective of technology companies passionate about changing the face of public transportation. Modaxo's businesses work both together and independently to focus on one thing — delivering software and technology solutions that help connect people with the places they need to go for work, family, and everyday life.

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Pcentra offers cloud-based, smart ticketing technology software.

Transloc provides microtransit, on-demand services, and fixed route transportation solutions to the people transportation market.

AEP Ticketing Solutions is a market player in automated fare collection systems and related equipment for Public Transport.

Cittati is the leader in Intelligent Transportation Systems management in Brazil, monitoring 30 thousand buses in real-time. Their data and analytics reporting solutions help bus operators stay on top of their day-to-day services and efficiently manage their fleets. 

Vontas helps agencies make public transit the desired mode of transportation in their communities. Using real-time technology, Vontas helps create smart, safe, reliable, accessible, and more connected public transit experience.  

DataGrafikk software is widely used by the Public Transport Authorities in Norway and the other Nordic countries both for planning and public information. DGTempus, the administration system and drivers portal is used by a majority of the larger coach companies in Norway. 

Taranto software supports some of the most strategically significant parking enforcement and road user charging schemes throughout the UK, including Transport for London’s Road User Charging schemes and Low Emission Zones, the Mersey Gateway, and Dartford Crossing FreeFlow road tolls, as well as more than 60 council operations. 

Imperial is at the forefront of creating software for smart cities, transforming services for parking and traffic management, and promoting a clean, healthy environment. From intuitive self-serve parking apps and cashless payment systems to full web and cloud-based solutions, Imperial is a major force in influencing driver behaviour, and achieving Low Emission and Clean Air Zone targets. 

Binary System has set the benchmark for railway software in Italy with SoftRail, its suite of modular applications that manage all rail activities from employee training and scheduling to asset performance and security.  

Empresa 1 is a leading innovator in automatic fare collection, access control and fraud prevention for Brazil and Latin American transport companies. Their solutions make paying for and accessing services convenient and safe for both passengers and transport operators in more than 160 cities. 

TransTrack Systems®, Inc. provides a web-based business analytics and data management system to efficiently aggregate data from multiple sources for enhanced performance monitoring and reporting.   

SYSTEMTECHNIK is a market leader in mobile data collection and ticketing for European transport companies. Their solutions make ticket sales easy for both passengers and bus and rail operators.  

Signature Rail is a market leader in powerful automated routing, scheduling and resource planning solutions that provide resilience and stability for rail companies worldwide.  

TripSpark’s people transportation technology provides the software, in-vehicle hardware and mobile technologies to deliver the best rider experience. Their products form an ecosystem that manages core routing, scheduling and operations that transport operators rely on, as well as real-time passenger information systems that riders need. 

PLANit develops management software systems for demand-responsive passenger transport services (DRT) that give all people the freedom of mobility. Their solutions make handling data and complex processes simple and cost-efficient for transport operators, authorities and taxi companies – for more than 8 million DRT trips per year. 

Malmator’s web-based software system provides transport administrators and operators in demand-responsive transport (DRT) with powerful tools that improve operational and cost efficiencies through GPS monitoring of vehicles and communication systems. Passengers also receive top service through solutions that manage traffic flows and fleet performance. 

Holmedal develops software systems for taxi companies, transport operators and transport authorities in the growing demand-responsive transport (DRT) sector in Sweden and throughout Scandinavia. Custom solutions focus on integrated services via a standard national dispatch platform for more than 20 million DRT trips per year. 

Trapeze Group works with public transport organizations and their communities to streamline and advance all aspects of a transport organization. It is through Trapeze’s advanced software and technologies that these organizations can help to deliver what matters most — an optimal transport experience for their riders. 


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