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Our companies in the healthcare vertical have one common goal: to improve the patient experience through software innovation. Our suite of tools is specifically tailored to the healthcare sector. They streamline medical practice management with solutions for electronic patient records, patient assignment, billing and scheduling, document management and more.



Sansio provides a point-of-care data management solution that allows you to seamlessly transfer patient information to electronic record platforms.

Hospedia is a leading provider of point of care software and services to the UK’s NHS Trusts.

AMS is a provider of mission-critical software solutions for people management in healthcare settings and insurance providers.

Medaptus is a leading provider of revenue cycle improvement, coding automation, and patient assignment software. 

WiFi SPARK (Spark) provides commercial WiFi solutions to healthcare and retail establishments across the United Kingdom. The SPARK solution helps users drive customer loyalty by offering visitors premium internet connectivity while capturing valuable demographic and behavioral information. 

Saatmann solutions cover QA needs for healthcare, with some solutions tailored to specific healthcare specialties. Their solution also supports regulatory compliance for the German market. 

Clarity Group provides risk management software and managed services to Healthcare organizations in the USA. 

Criterions provides Electronic Health Records and Practice Management software to a wide range of physician practices in New York and other states. 


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