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As one of the largest independent groups of agribusiness software companies in the world, our subsidiary, Cultura Technologies, provides comprehensive and innovative solutions to agri-food companies in North America, Europe, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Mexico, South Africa, and Australia.

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Agronomix Software provides market-leading, specialist software for the plant breeding, variety testing, and seed development industry. Developed with plant breeders in mind, the solid and dependable systems have been assisting customers for over 30 years with making faster and better decisions. 

AgVision is a proven leader in developing grain, ag retail, feed, fertilizer and seed accounting and inventory management software. 

Aeros provides integrated software solutions for the egg and poultry industry to address their financial and flock decision making needs. With over 40 years' experience, Aeros has become the recognized leader in the egg industry. 

Primetics provides specialty designed software solutions for agribusinesses which help to centralize and boost the use of information, supporting successful decision making and growth. Primetics Seed Solutions develops specialty software for commercial seed production and processing businesses.  

Greenstone’s mission is to enable the diversified grain industry and cooperatives to maximize business outcomes with best-in-class solutions.  

AMIC is a leader in software for the grain trading, agronomy, feed and flour mill milling industries. 

Solentra collaborates with enterprise agribusinesses by providing comprehensive software and technology based solutions.  

Core Technology is Ireland’s leading provider of comprehensive software solutions to market leaders in three distinct verticals; dairy, feed & grain and the agri-retailing sector.  

ExtendAg is a highly acclaimed enterprise crop, raw product and grower management system designed specifically to meet the needs of first-stage food and beverage processors. 


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