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Professional Manager.

Talent Development.

The core of Volaris Group’s values are employee development and continuous learning. As part of Volaris, we identify high potential employees and managers and purposefully development them over time such that they can lead businesses and take-on portfolio management roles. We are growing so rapidly that we are always short of talent, and we prefer to develop within. Our talent management is therefore rigorous yet pragmatic to ensure we put people at the forefront of all of our strategic decision-making for the long-term future of our portfolio.

Knowledge Sharing.

Volaris promotes knowledge sharing and collaboration to help strengthen and grow our talent and our businesses. This takes many forms including our knowledge, process and tools repository (or “playbook”) plus active peer-to-peer networking and professional development events, summits and academies held regularly each year. This is a fundamental part of our culture. The time away from the day to day operations is a small sacrifice for the turbo-charged knowledge that our playbook and events bring to make our managers and their teams more successful.


Managers of Volaris Group are all eligible to participate in the bonus program of our parent company, Constellation Software (TSE:CSU). Every year we go onto the market and buy stock for our managers which awards growth and profitability in their business. This serves as a strong incentive for professional managers and Volaris results in very high management staff competitive spirit, motivation, and retention.

* Past performance not indicative of future returns

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