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The seed of what has become Volaris Group was planted more than 25 years ago when public transit software leader Trapeze Group became the first acquisition made by Constellation Software.

By 2011, Trapeze Group realized it had developed expertise acquiring and integrating software companies that could serve other vertical markets. As company leadership continued to look for growth, they saw a need to incorporate a new organization separate from Trapeze Group. A new name for the larger organization was born – Volaris Group. With its name inspired by Polaris, one of the brightest stars among the constellations, Volaris was given the mandate to acquire, strengthen, and grow companies specializing in software for niche markets.

Within a decade under the new Volaris umbrella, the company was able to grow beyond the transit vertical, including agri-food, asset management, and rental management. The company also expanded its global reach, with businesses acquired in Europe and South America.

Today, Volaris Group has successfully grown to more than 35 countries based on a decentralized business model where acquired companies retain their autonomy and can access ongoing training. The company has grown to a truly global scale, with respect for international cultures and working ability in several languages.

our CEO

Mark Miller Mark Miller

Mark Miller is the Chief Executive Officer of Volaris Group, and Director and Chief Operating Officer of Constellation Software Inc. (CSI), the parent company of Volaris. He has worked with CSI, Volaris Group, and its subsidiaries for more than 20 years.

His global perspective, deep expertise, and passion for building innovative software businesses were honed through his experience as a software developer and founder. He co-founded Trapeze Group in 1995, which was the first company acquired by Constellation Software. Since joining Volaris Group, Trapeze Group has expanded on a global scale.

Mark is dedicated to giving back to the business community and serves on several non-profit and company boards.

To contact Mark, please reach out via our contact us page or connect on LinkedIn.

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