Owner / Operator

Whether your goal is to continue managing the business, or have decided to pursue other ventures, Volaris is the right home to take your business to the next stage -- For you, your employees and your customers.

Grow Your Business

Joining Volaris’ Communications and Media Portfolio means gaining market access to 325+ service providers in 100+ countries. We understand the complex challenges you face in serving these customers and can provide the necessary resources and capital to ensure your long-term success. With best practices taken from over 325 acquisitions to date, we know what it takes to bring your business to the next level of sustainability and growth. 

Preserve Your Legacy

When we acquire a business, we take great measures to ensure that your legacy is persevered and protected. You’ve spent years building your business to where it is today and we understand how important it is to provide security and support so it can continue thriving for decades to come. Inside our decentralized organizational structure, you and your employees will enjoy full autonomy while still maintaining access to a larger community of like-minded professionals. 

Secure a Bright Future for Employees

Your people are your greatest asset. They understand the market you serve as well as your customers, colleagues, and partners far better than anyone else. By joining the Communications and Media Portfolio, your talent will gain access to a large network of like-minded professionals. Post-acquisition we offer professional development opportunities and training so your staff can further develop their skills and take your business to the next level. 

Achieve Your Own Professional Goals

If your desire is to remain with the business, we work collaboratively with you to realize your personal and professional goals. Over time, we encourage our leaders to take on larger roles inside the group by pursuing new professional opportunities as a Portfolio Leader or starting to do M&A within the niche they operate in.