M&A Advisor

As a frequent and specialist acquirer of Vertical Market Software companies we offer certainty and reliability, backed by a track record of over 300 acquisitions.

Ensure the Best Future for Your Client

In Volaris’ Communications and Media Portfolio, we offer a unique journey for your clients. Unlike other acquirers, we are not interested in a short-term investment. We firmly believe in “software for life” and provide a safe and permanent home for all of our businesses can reach their full potential. 

Experienced Acquirers

With our parent company, Constellation Software (TSE: CSU), we have completed over 300 acquisitions to date. When you work with Volaris’ Communications and Media Portfolio, you are dealing with a team of M&A professionals who can move quickly and efficiently. Our team of disciplined in-house resources main goal is to run a smooth process that meets the time expectations of the advisor and client. 

Certainty of Execution

We understand the value of time. When you commit yours to running a process with Volaris’ Communications and Media Portfolio, you can expect commitment and certainty of execution. We invest a lot of time in pre-diligence getting to an LOI (Letter of Intent) to help mitigate surprises later on. This approach has helped us close nearly all deals where we successfully signed the LOI.