M&A Advisor

As a frequent and specialist acquirer of Vertical Market Software companies we offer certainty and reliability, backed by a track record of over 300 acquisitions.

Ensure the Best Future for Your Client.

Volaris is different because we don’t sell our businesses on. Rather we invest in them for the long-term while giving them the financial capital, expertise and autonomy to grow their business for the future. When your client finds a home with Volaris, they have a home for life.

Transparent, Fair and Honest.

No one likes surprises. Being upfront with you and your client at the very beginning about expectations, the process and the future ahead is important to us. We wouldn’t have it any other way.

Close Quickly.

Volaris has closed numerous acquisitions over the years. You’re dealing with a dedicated team of M&A professionals that will help to manage the process efficiently and effectively. We are confident that once we start the process we can find a way to complete it. We can often expedite a transaction to meet the timeline needs of the seller.

Rest Easy.

We realize we’re different. We only focus on vertical-market software companies. It’s what we know and do best. Our track record in positioning these companies for long-term sustainable growth is our focus. By placing your client with Volaris, you can rest easy knowing that cultural and business values will be a match.