Is your business leaving revenue on the table because you haven’t embraced automation?

Research shows that companies with mature automation capabilities are more resilient in uncertain economic conditions. And research shows they tend to perform better when faced with changing business dynamics. Yet, there is still potential to be unlocked for many businesses that have not used automation to its full extent. According to an analysis of more than 2,000 work activities across 800 occupations, about $15-trillion worth of activities paid in wages have the potential to be automated through technology that is already available.

Watch the webinar’s recording to learn about:

  • The benefits of automation for your business
  • Which business processes are best-suited for automation
  • How to navigate getting buy-in for automation
  • How to manage change when introducing automation
  • Automation trends that customers are adopting

This webinar was hosted by Volaris CEO Mark Miller and curated exclusively for software business owners. Our moderator was Alice Luo, Chief Strategy Officer at Volaris. She shared research-backed insights about the benefits of automation. Volaris software business leaders from Four Js and Function Point spoke about the benefits of automation in their own business processes and for their customers.

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