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Joining Volaris Group gives you the ability to preserve the legacy of your business and continue serving the best interests of your customers and employees.

The business was at a point where it really needed to take the next step. We were outgrowing ourselves and needed to find an acquirer that could allow us to flourish.

— Troy, O’Connor, CEO, Smartrak

Become a Vertical Market Software Champion

With over 20 years’ experience in this highly specialized area, we serve as the perfect partner for professional managers looking to overcome key obstacles and challenges to growth. Benchmarks garnered through hundreds of acquisitions help professional managers determine where to make improvements and investments for maximum returns.

Access to Mentorship and Best Practices

At Volaris, we promote corporate-wide sharing of best practices to help you achieve accelerated growth and scalability inside your business. Joining Volaris’ global network of vertical market software leaders allows professional managers to learn from people who have been through similar experiences.

Capital to Grow Your Business

Since we never sell the businesses we acquire, helping our portfolio businesses achieve long-term sustainability is our top priority. We maintain a strong balance sheet to fund growth initiatives and product development for our companies. Professional managers can take their business to the next level by leveraging our knowledge of organic and acquired growth strategies.

Develop your Employees & Realize your Professional Goals

For many mid-sized software businesses, employee retention can be a challenge. Joining Volaris gives you the ability to invest in the professional development of your people while giving you access to opportunities inside a larger organization.

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