People Transportation

Software that allows transit agencies and private operators to realize efficiencies, enhance the quality and scope of their services and safely transport more people at a reduced cost.

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Focused on urban mobility challenges, Cittati Tecnologia develops information and communication technology to manage public transport systems.

Empresa1 integrates hardware, software, and services to support payment automation, access control, and fraud prevention. 

PLANit and its subsidiaries — Holmedal and Malmator — provide software, systems and technology for more efficient resource management within the field of demand-responsive passenger traffic (DRT) and taxi systems.

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Simpli Transport's web-based scheduling software is designed specifically for smaller people transportation operations with no long-term contracts required.

Systemtechnik is a provider of fare management and ticketing solutions used by more than 200 transport companies across Germany.

TransTrack Systems provides a web-based business analytics and data management system for public transit agencies to enhance performance monitoring and reporting.

Trapeze Group works with public transit agencies and their communities to develop and deliver more effective public transit solutions.

TripSpark Technologies is a community transportation technology company focused on helping mid-sized transit agencies and private operators increase community engagement and drive revenue.

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