Volaris Group acquires, strengthens, and grows vertical market software companies, enabling them to be clear leaders within their focused industries.




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When you become a part of Volaris, we celebrate on your past achievements. You keep your talent, you keep your culture, and you keep your say.

–Mark Miller, CEO, Volaris Group


Although we are acquirers, our organization is really about strengthening and growing businesses over the long-term. Because we never sell the businesses we acquire, every decision we make is with a long-term view.


We respect what our leaders have built and want to empower them to continue running their businesses autonomously through our decentralized business model.


One of the key ways that we help position our businesses for long-term success is by investing in their people. After all, you can have a good business, but a great business depends on the strength of its people.


At the end of the day, our businesses exist for their customers. We strive to improve the lives of customers by being a good partner to the businesses that serve them.

Our History

Trapeze Group becomes part of Constellation Software Inc.

Closed first acquisition, allowing us to expand our offerings and enter the Demand Response Transportation market

Entry into the K-12 School Transportation market

Geographic expansion into Europe

Three more acquisitions completed

Geographic expansion into Australia

Entry into the Drinks vertical

Entry into four new verticals through multiple acquisitions: Agri-Business, Asset Management and Logistics, Justice and Rental Management

6 more acquisitions completed

Volaris Group becomes incorporated with a mandate to acquire, strengthen, and grow businesses in niche verticals

Entry into three new verticals: Financial Services, Marine, and Cultural Collections Management.

Entry into the Library Management vertical

Entry into the Communications & Media vertical

Entry into the Retail and Education verticals

Entry into the Bio Science and Nonprofit verticals

Volaris expands its presence through 14 more acquisitions across various verticals

Entry into the Creative Industries vertical

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