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Volaris Group Announces Leadership Changes in Marine Division

September 04, 2016 - TORONTO, ONTARIO

Volaris Group today announced leadership changes in its Marine division, promoting Giampiero Soncini to Managing Director of the overall Marine portfolio and Chris Wildsmith to CEO of SpecTec. The changes are effective October 1, 2016.

Volaris Group first entered the Marine market in 2012 with the strategic acquisition of SpecTec. Today’s leadership announcement reflects Volaris’ continued desire to increase investment in this market by leveraging the strengths, experience and expertise of its people.

Formerly the CEO of SpecTec, Soncini is a Marine industry veteran with nearly three decades in the industry. His new role as the Managing Director of the Volaris Marine portfolio sees Soncini leveraging his passion and experience to expand Volaris’ footprint in the Marine vertical. “This is an exciting new chapter for me in the Marine industry and with Volaris,” said Soncini.

Wildsmith first joined Volaris in 2014 through the acquisition of Kinetic Solutions. He brings to SpecTec over 25 years of IT software experience across a range of sectors at leading international organizations. Wildsmith’s new role reflects Volaris’ focus on ensuring the right people are in place to support the long-term sustainable success of its businesses.

“This is a great example of how Volaris invests in its people, helping them to realize their own personal and professional goals,” said Chris Wildsmith. “I look forward to my new responsibilities in my role as SpecTec’s CEO and engaging with customers as we deliver world-class Marine IT solutions.”

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