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Providing solutions that help to manage the full process of cataloguing, lending and acquiring both digital and physical assets. Enabling libraries to optimize their knowledge management processes and improve their library operations.

Prima was established in 1993 and, since its creation, has become an expert in the development of software solutions for curricular and vocational schools, libraries and non-bibliographic collections management. Prima´s SophiA products line supports more than 3000 schools and libraries in Brazil, Spain, Argentina and Chile.

Prima foi estabelecida em 1993 e, desde sua criação, se tornou uma especialista no desenvolvimento de soluções de software para escolas curriculares e de cursos livres, bibliotecas e acervos não-bibliográficos. A linha SophiA de produtos da Prima atende hoje mais de 3000 escolas e bibliotecas no Brasil, Espanha, Argentina e Chile.

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Softlink is a leading developer of knowledge, content, library management solutions, supporting more than 10,000 legal, corporate, education, government and public organizations and libraries across 108 countries. The company’s solutions provide platforms for digital and physical knowledge, research and asset discovery, delivery and management.

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