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Mission-critical solutions to help manage post-secondary student records, catering, events, and accommodation.

Edumate offers a student and learning management system that advances students through the learning life-cycle across a fully integrated administration, curriculum and lesson planning system.

Furlong is a provider of School Management Information Systems (MIS) used by more than 280 schools, academies, UTCs and international schools.

Kinetic Solutions provides student accommodation, conference and hospitality management software. The company’s customers are located throughout the UK and United States.

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Prima develops software solutions for curricular and vocational schools, libraries and non-bibliographic collections management. Prima supports more than 3000 schools and libraries in Brazil, Spain, Argentina and Chile.

TASS provides mission-critical School Information Systems (“SIS”) to K-12 independent and Catholic schools throughout Australia.

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WebCheckout provides equipment scheduling and resource management software to the Higher Education industry and the Public Access Television industry.

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