Volaris Group Acquires Tarantula Global Holdings Pte. Ltd.

January 03, 2017 - Toronto, ON

Volaris Group today announced that it has acquired Tarantula Global Holdings Pte. Ltd. (“Tarantula”), a communications tower management software business. The acquisition is Volaris’ fourth acquisition in the Communications vertical.

Tarantula’s Tower Management Solutions are sold to mobile “towercos and telcos” that operate their own tower networks.  Towers are vertical structures built on a parcel of land designed to accommodate multiple tenants using different technologies including telephony, mobile data, broadcast, television and radio to a geographical area surrounding the tower.  Tarantula’s solution enables tower portfolio operators to rollout new towers, mange colocation contracts, manage location details, manage site access and leases, acquire new towers, manage site inventory, bill for colocation tenants, manage field workforce, and manage operations and maintenance activities.  In essence, an end-to-end ERP system for tower portfolio operators.

Tarantula has customers worldwide and a market leadership position with larger towercos due to its unique purpose-build colocation management capabilities.  Tarantula has a particularly high market share in India and South East Asia. Key customers include Telia Company, Motorola Solutions, American Tower, Indus Towers and edotco group.

“We are eager to grow our business further in our core markets and to expand our presence in other high growth wireless infrastructure markets, internationally, as telcos continue to spin-off their tower portfolios and new towercos continue to be formed. We are excited about Volaris’ long-term commitment to our market and the best practices and synergies that exist within their emerging Communications vertical,” said Udhay Mathialagan, CEO of Tarantula. “Volaris’ approach to building our business for the long-term has a good fit with our culture. We believe that with Volaris and their investments we can continue to grow our business to better serve our customers worldwide and the aspirations of our international employee base.”

Tarantula is headquartered in Singapore, with regional presence in India, UK, New Zealand and Netherlands.  The company continues to be led by Udhay Mathialagan, Tarantula’s CEO with oversight from Volaris.

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