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David Nyland

"At Volaris, we are uniquely positioned to help good telecommunications and media software companies become great companies. We believe that the best people to manage a company are the ones that helped build them, while Volaris provides the know-how and investment to ensure their long-term success.”

David Nyland, President, Communications & Media

The acquisition of Incognito Software Inc. marked Volaris’ entry into the Communications software space. As a highly acquisitive organization, we continue to explore additional investment opportunities in the communications and media industry globally in all major software segments.

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“We are eager to grow our solution suite and customer base through acquisition. ABN’s products provide us with the opportunity to offer innovative new solutions to help our customers analyze and monetize demand for data services from their broadband subscribers.”
- Stephane Bourque, Founder & CEO of Incognito Software Inc.

Active Broadband Network's OSS solutions help Communication Service Providers (CSPs) dynamically manage broadband services. CSPs leverage ABN's solutions to offer usage based pricing, tiered management, and profiling, manage broadband traffic, and enable prepaid and alternate billing. ABN has customers in North America, Latin America, the Caribbean, and Europe. 

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Aleyant is a global web-to-print, estimation and production, and prepress automation workflow software provider to graphics and commercial print professionals.

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Avance Metering provides solutions to manage smart meters, communication protocols and connected systems for electricity, water, gas, and district heating. Avance Metering’s products are used by Distribution and Transmission System Operators to manage utility meters, collect and validate meter data and events, monitor Electricity Grids and integrate to other business critical software.

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“There are many ways of running a successful business, and Volaris was able to respect [my] approach.”
- Stephane Bourque, Founder & CEO of Incognito Software Inc.

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Incognito Software Inc. is a communications Operations Support Systems (OSS) solutions business for Communication Service Providers (CSPs) in both the cable and telecommunications markets, enabling them to quickly and cost-effectively deploy data, voice, and video services across a multitude of fixed and wireless networks, vendors, technologies, and standards.

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Our acquisition by Volaris gives us the ability to grow and take advantage of a wealth of best practices shared across its portfolio of companies.  We are very excited about our business potential and feel secure that we can now make necessary investments for long-term sustainability with the financial backing of the Volaris Group.
- Olle Hillstrom, CEO, NETadmin

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NETadmin Systems is a communications Operations Support Systems (OSS) solutions business. The company’s solutions are sold to Communication Service Providers (CSPs) with multi-technology networks, enabling them to build and operate their networks, cost-effectively deploy data, voice, and video services, and provide monitoring and assurance to ensure customer service levels are met.

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“With Volaris Group we found a partner that not only has a deep understanding of our industry but also showed a continuous track record in constantly growing companies they had acquired through best practice sharing and targeted investments into their growth areas."
-Markus Doetsch, CEO of Sicap

Sicap is a global mobile device management provider to Mobile Network Operators and Mobile Virtual Network Operators, Enablers and Aggregators. Sicap’s solution portfolio helps mobile service providers with customer insight and engagement, device and SIM management, and mobile security.

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“We are eager to grow our business further in our core markets and to expand our presence in other high growth wireless infrastructure markets, internationally, as telcos continue to spin-off their tower portfolios and new towercos continue to be formed. We are excited about Volaris’ long-term commitment to our market and the best practices and synergies that exist within their emerging Communications vertical.” 
- Udhay Mathialagan, CEO of Tarantula

Tarantula's solution enables tower portfolio operators to rollout new towers, manage colocation contracts, manage location details, manage site access and leases, acquire new towers, manage site inventory, bill for colocation tenants, manage field workforce, and manage operations and maintenance activities. In essence, an end-to-end ERP system for tower operators. 

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 “We believe that Volaris has the unique capability and capacity to invest in accelerating our growth, evolving our product-line, expanding our services and support capabilities worldwide, and provide stability and opportunities to our international employee base.”
-Vincent Kadar, CEO of Telepin

Telepin Software is a leading provider of mobile transaction infrastructure software, providing mobile operators the most efficient and cost-effective way to control their distribution network, maximize revenues from mobile financial services, and deliver innovative mobile financial applications. Their solution helps mobile operators deliver robust financial services offerings to their subscriber and merchant customers that enable person-to-person transfers, bill payment, government to person payment, air-time top-up, international money remittance, and cash in and cash out.

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Velocix is the streaming technology company that makes video personal, on every connected screen. We enable each stream to be personalized, dynamically adapting it to ensure every viewing experience is not just unique but enriched. Our solutions are used to engage, entertain, and inform millions of people around the globe, every single day. In partnership with our customers, including network service providers, video service operators, broadcasters, programmers, and content owners, we are forever improving how people connect with content and thereby making the world a better place, one stream at a time.

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“We are excited to bring this asset into our portfolio and we see great opportunities for this business moving forward as new devices enter the market and the Internet of Things (IoT) market explodes, requiring many orders of magnitude of numbers of new devices to support.”
-David Nyland, Portfolio Leader and President, Media & Communications, Volaris Group

WDS’ software and services enable major wireless network operators to provision, manage and support their customers throughout their lifecycle. With the Industry’s largest knowledge base of device information spanning smartphones, tablets, broadband routers, feature phones and IoT devices, this acquired software ensures the device is recognized on the network, configured accurately and updated in life.

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We are interested in growing Volaris’ presence via acquisitions in the following software categories which drive sustained value for Communications Service Providers (CSPs) in telco, cable, satellite and media (radio, television, OTT content):

Operations Support Systems (OSS) 

  • Service Fulfillment
  • Inventory Management
  • Field Force Management
  • Service Assurance
  • Network Management

Business Support Systems (BSS)

  • Customer Management
  • Product Catalogue & Order Management
  • Mediation & Policy Management
  • Billing & Rating/Charging
  • Revenue Assurance, Fraud Management
  • Telecom Expense Management (TEM)

Full ERP Suites (BSS/OSS) for Tier 3/4 Operators

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