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Incognito Software Systems Offers New Generation Of Provisioning Features

Vancouver, B.C. – September 7, 2016 – Incognito Software Systems, a global provider of solutions for communication service providers, today announced the latest version of Broadband Command Center, an end-to-end device provisioning and management software offering multi-standard support from a single platform.

As subscribers continue to put more strain on networks with an ever-growing amount of connected devices and bandwidth consumption, broadband service providers need a device provisioning and activation solution with the power to perform complicated functions and the agility to do so across different technologies and complex architectures. Broadband Command Center enables providers to quickly roll out services, streamline operations with automatic provisioning of a wide array of devices across multiple services, and ensure network security and theft prevention while remaining vendor and network agnostic.

New developments for Broadband Command Center are built on Incognito’s decades of experience working with world-class operators and provisioning service for over 160 million subscribers across the globe. Broadband Command Center continues to give providers a flexible multi-network solution while introducing new features and benefits including:

  • DOCSIS 3.1 Support: As DOCSIS devices are booting up and registering with the provisioning system, Broadband Command Center dynamically detects the DOCSIS versions and validates configuration files for these devices so that it supports the DOCSIS versions in use on the network. This guarantees that the configuration file is appropriate for all the hardware in the system from CMTS to cable modem so that services are accurately provided to the subscriber. On top of the elimination of tedious manual file creation that Broadband Command Center automatic file generation enables, it also creates a best-in-class performance, while acting as a fraud prevention measure and limiting subscriber quality of experience (QoE) issues.
  • DHCPv6 Enhancements: As IPv4 addresses have been exhausted and IPv6 adoption has grown, provisioning solutions need the ability to interact with both standards. Broadband Command Center now supports the reporting of DHCPv6 packets to let operators monitor and troubleshoot their network in the Broadband Command Center User Interface for both IPv4 and IPv6. This also allows operators to monitor the status of IPv6 resources in the network by sharing the utilization figures with IP Address Management (IPAM) systems, including Incognito’s Address Commander.
  • Lawful Interception Reporting: The Central Lease Service extension automatically gathers and centralizes data about lease utilization to help operators quickly conform to lawful reporting requirements and discover service theft. It detects duplicated or spoofed DOCSIS devices in the network and is able to ban those fraudulent devices in Broadband Command Center. This service saves the operator from manual data mining and analysis, as well as preventing unnecessary loss of operator revenue, while enhancing the QoE for paying subscribers with a less crowded network.

“Device provisioning across a complex network is not a simple task for service providers. As they contend with shifting DOCSIS and IP standards, converged technologies and deploying subscriber devices across their vast networks, providers need an end-to-end management solution with multi-standard support over a single platform,” said Stephane Bourque, president and CEO of Incognito Software Systems. “Broadband Command Center provides the comprehensive solution that wraps the abilities to roll out services, automate and customize device provisioning, and streamline operations into a single package.”

About Incognito Software Systems

Incognito Software Systems is a global provider of broadband device provisioningIP address managementbandwidth monitoring, and service activation solutions that help monetize IP-based subscriber and commercial services. Broadband operators of all sizes worldwide – including half of the top ten cable operators in the United States – use our products to quickly and cost-effectively deploy high-reliability data, voice, and video networks. More than 160 million subscribers are currently being provisioned by solutions from Incognito Software Systems, which is recognized for its top-rated, carrier-grade software, superior customer support, and relationships with leading software and hardware vendors. The company is owned by Volaris Group, an operating group of Toronto-based software and services provider Constellation Software Inc. 

This post origionally appeared on Incognito Software System's Press Room.

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David Nyland is a Portfolio Manager and President of the Volaris Communications & Media Industry Group. He began his career as a software developer at a Tier 1 systems integrator, and quickly moved into entrepreneurial roles at 2 telecommunications software start-ups which scaled and were sold to strategic acquirers. Since then David has been CEO of 2 companies, a public company with global scale, and a VC-funded private business, during which he completed acquisitions of businesses in North America and Europe. David joined Volaris in 2013 to build a Communications and Media portfolio for Volaris, and has since completed numerous acquisitions worldwide including in Canada, Sweden, US, Switzerland, and Singapore. David has a passion for software and telecommunications technology and building synergistic businesses that scale profitably. His goal is to develop a strong synergistic portfolio of companies and hold them forever.