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Employee Acquisition Series: Tarantula

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Employee Acquisition Series: Tarantula

Today we are talking to Maurice Barnes, the COO of Tarantula. As the COO, Maurice oversees the day-to-day operations of the company, whose software supports the operation of telecom towers in 20 countries.

Our communication with Volaris leading up to the acquisition was highly professional. We were told about Volaris’ goal to acquire, strengthen, and grow its businesses, and about its promise to never sell any of the companies it acquires. The people at Tarantula were relaxed and quite positive about the acquisition.

Post-acquisition, a comprehensive project plan and check-list were provided to manage the first 3 months, covering all areas to be integrated. Volaris placed a strong focus on business continuity and customer management at Tarantula.

Since the acquisition, our business has undergone a significant transformation. There has been a huge focus on business fundamentals such as marketing, professional services, and pricing. Volaris has become a great coach to our leadership team, developing a one-page strategic plan which has provided us with our “elevator pitch,” implementing a 5-year strategy to grow our business, and providing us with a detailed action plan. There has been a huge learning curve after acquisition, which has been of enormous benefits to me both professionally and personally.

Our corporate culture has also undergone a transformation.  We have a renewed purpose and a common vocabulary. Our team is making new connections with other Volaris companies, which is helping us to develop new leads and makes it possible to offer our products in new markets previously out of our reach.

Volaris is also uniquely positioned to help grow an international business such as Tarantula. The company hosts a number of key international events that bring all the companies within each of its portfolios together to focus on sales, professional services, marketing, and so on. Volaris also hosts an annual Academy gathering to drill into all the key metrics it uses to strengthen and grow its businesses. Participating in these events is extremely valuable to my business.

My message for potential M&A prospects looking to join us at Volaris is simple: the company offers a unique model that will protect the heritage of your business while providing much support and many tools to take you to the next level. 

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About the Author
David Nyland's Photo

David Nyland

David Nyland is a Portfolio Manager and President of the Volaris Communications & Media Industry Group. He began his career as a software developer at a Tier 1 systems integrator, and quickly moved into entrepreneurial roles at 2 telecommunications software start-ups which scaled and were sold to strategic acquirers. Since then David has been CEO of 2 companies, a public company with global scale, and a VC-funded private business, during which he completed acquisitions of businesses in North America and Europe. David joined Volaris in 2013 to build a Communications and Media portfolio for Volaris, and has since completed numerous acquisitions worldwide including in Canada, Sweden, US, Switzerland, and Singapore. David has a passion for software and telecommunications technology and building synergistic businesses that scale profitably. His goal is to develop a strong synergistic portfolio of companies and hold them forever.