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Why Global Businesses Need a Local Focus

In this short video, CEO Mark Miller discusses how a focus on accountability and having a local presence makes Volaris different from other global businesses.

For your convenience, a transcript of the video is provided below:

I think a focus on being global doesn’t mean you can’t be local. Allowing accountability to be out there inside of each of those countries and each of those regional businesses makes us different. A lot of companies try to cross the globe and do that by saying we’ve got one product that will work everywhere in the world. I don’t really believe in that. In some cases we can do that, when you’re talking about a point solution focused on a specific department, there is some possibility to do that in new markets across the world.

But generally, the concept of having a group of people inside that geography, or inside that region that really understand how it works, and how our customers work in those areas, I think that really differentiates us. So we’re very happy to give up scale and efficiencies by having businesses that are local to our customers, that understand their needs and adjust their products accordingly to their needs. I think that does differentiate us. I know other people do that to some degree, but a lot of people go for scale and don’t believe in having that local presence. I feel that our approach is working okay for us right now and I’d like to continue to do that.

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