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Volaris Acquisition Featured in Software Executive Magazine

Volaris Acquisition Featured in Software Executive Magazine

“The acquisition story of this bootstrapped company…offers some inspiration for everyday software businesses looking for long term stability.”

– Abby Sorensen, Chief Editor, Software Executive Magazine

In its February/March 2019 edition, Software Executive Magazine featured the acquisition success story of CaterTrax, a leading catering management software business. In the article, CaterTrax CEO Jeff Luchetti shares why him and founder Rich Rund made the decision to sell the company to Volaris Group. Luchetti goes on to explain how joining Volaris is enabling the company to grow and maintain its award-winning culture.

3 Reasons CaterTrax Chose Volaris

1) Volaris’ decentralized business model would allow the company to maintain their brand and independence.

2) Volaris’ benchmarks would give the company the ability to make more data-driven decisions.

3) Leaders would have the ability to tap into a vast network of likeminded peers and learn proven best practices.

To learn how CaterTrax has changed post acquisition, read the full magazine article here or watch our 360° spotlight video here.

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