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Values and Key Practices at Volaris

In this short video, Bill Delaney, Managing Director of Trapeze Group Asia Pacific, describes some of the values and key practices that are a core part of the Volaris culture.

For your convenience, a transcription of the video has been provided below. 

Hi I'm Bill Delaney, I'm the managing director of Trapeze Group Asia Pacific. Trapeze Group delivers solutions in the people transportation industry and I'm responsible for our business right across Asia Pacific - from Australia, New Zealand, to Southeast Asia, India, and the Middle East.

The decentralized model just doesn't stop with what's pushed down to me. I'm operating across a region and we're expanding geographically and as we go into new countries, we set up businesses in those new countries in a decentralized way as well. The heads of a particular country then are given the responsibility and power to execute on the business plan that's been devolved to them.

Talent management is a huge part of what we do at Volaris. I've been really blown away by the investment that is made by Volaris in talent management. It comes from the top, so the CEO spends an enormous amount of his personal time involved in talent management of our senior people.

More broadly than that, we bring 10% of our employees together every year for what we call the Volaris Academy - which is a 3 day boot camp.

Like all Volaris companies, we try to measure everything we can. There are some core metrics that we look at and that we're required to report on. What's useful about that is that all Volaris companies report on those same metrics and we get together and compare how we're going.

That's a little daunting at the start, but what it lets you do is benchmark your performance and speak to those parties that look like they are better than you to understand how they are doing that and to share your issues or concerns about parts of the business that are not performing as well.

So this ability to benchmark and compare that in a collegiate environment is one of the huge benefits that I get from being part of the Volaris team.

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