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The 3 Most Important Attributes of Potential Acquisitions

The 3 Most Important Attributes of Potential Acquisitions

At Volaris, our business is acquiring and building vertical market technology companies. But how do we know which companies to invest in? What attributes make certain companies more desirable than others? In our experience we have learned there are three qualities which tend to make businesses more desirable acquisitions:

1. An Outstanding Owner/Manager

We do not seek to take over the day to day operations of a company, which is why we look for companies with a high-quality organization. Managers and employees who are enthusiastic about their customers, products and employees are necessary building blocks to build a great business.

What about those who wish to step down? We support those owner-managers who decide that it is time for new ventures, and we work with you to develop the next generation of leaders in your organization.

2. Market Leader Position

We look for growing companies who are leading providers of mission-critical software in their specific niche markets, ideally with hundreds of customers, and who are working to establish a solid track record of growth and earnings. We offer resources in a number of areas, including the sharing of best practices and the capital to drive organic and acquired growth in a disciplined manner.

3. Willing to Embrace New Ideas

In our experience, we have found that owner/managers who are willing to embrace new ideas flourish at Volaris. Their enthusiasm to implement best practices yields high organic growth rates and establishes innovation.

Your Turn

Are you interested in partnering with the Volaris Group? Contact our team at for more information about the acquisition process, or to answer any other questions that you may have.What to do you think about these three attributes? Do you see their value in the acquisition process? Let us know in the comments below, and like and share with us on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.

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