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Motivating Your Leaders

In this short video, CEO Mark Miller discusses how to motivate your leaders and help them achieve your vision for your business.

For your convenience, a transcript of the video is provided below:

I think it’s really important first and foremost that you have a very clear vision for your business. I’d like to call it a BHAG: Big Hairy Audacious Goal. That’s something you want to try to achieve. It isn’t like in the next year, it could be over a period of years. But it’s important that your whole leadership team understands that and they all get it and they all care about that and they all want to achieve it.

And then what you need to do is sit down with each leader individually and sort of put a handful of goals together on how they can contribute to achieving that vision for the business. People tend to sometimes give people tons of goals and all sorts of things to do. Clearly, you got to trust your leaders to figure how to succeed, but you want to give them a handful of clear goals that are measurable, that allow everybody on the team to see how that particular leader is helping contribute to making it happen.

Then you need to sit down with them throughout the year and talk to them about how they’re doing vs. those goals. You also want to help educate them, help coach them, help them find a network. They need to network. It’s great when you encourage your leaders to go out and build a network of people who do similar things that they do in other businesses.

Those are the main things I try to focus on in trying to build a business and motivate leaders to make it happen.

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