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Leadership and Growth Management

In this short video, CEO Mark Miller discusses how Volaris invests in its leaders so that they can grow their businesses for the long-term.

For your convenience, a transcript of the video is provided below:

It’s all about our people. Our people decide how to invest our money, and where to put it, and what areas to put it in. They have the decision: they can go buy businesses, they can go build new products, they can move into new markets. Those are all challenging decisions. But we expect our leaders to do that. We expect our leaders to think about those things.

Businesses that are currently run well, we want them investing in the future. We want them thinking long term. If the business isn’t running very well, we prefer that they sort out how they run that existing business, first of all, and make sure it’s being run well, it’s being run efficiently. But once they’ve done that, deciding whether to buy new businesses, build new products, move into new markets, they need to think through all those things as leaders. And it isn’t easy, for sure, but we really expect our leaders to do that, and our management teams to do that.

We don’t want short-term thinkers running our businesses. We want them thinking long-term. We think that motivates the team, attracts better employees, and clearly engages our customers.

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