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Language Matters: Decentralization and Communication Across the Globe

Language Matters: Decentralization and Communication Across the Globe

This article is also available in German, French, Brazilian Portuguese and Mandarin Chinese. Click to read in the language of your choice.

Language Matters

At Volaris, we work in the languages of our local businesses and do not expect our people to speak any one specific language. Decentralization is the tool that allows us to accommodate language differences across our organization.

Here are three ways we do this:

1) We speak in the language of numbers.

Our benchmarks are business performance metrics that transcend language. Garnered from Volaris companies across the globe, these figures allow our leaders to identify opportunities and accelerate growth.

2) Our leaders run their businesses in their local languages.

Volaris’ local leaders share our philosophies and proven best practices in a language their staff can understand.

3) Talent development opportunities are offered in multiple languages.

By leveraging the skills of our multilingual leaders we are able to offer workshops in multiple languages, which ensures language is not a barrier to learning.

Global Businesses Should Have a Local Focus

As a decentralized global business, we depend on our local leaders to lead autonomously, drive growth, and share corporate best practices, and foster a culture of continual learning. To learn more about why we say global businesses should have a local focus, watch this video.

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