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How Focusing on Millennials Can Help All Your Employees

In this short video, Mark Miller - CEO of Volaris, discusses how by looking at the things millennials care about most and implementing them across the organization, it can benefit all generations of your employees.

For your preference, a transcript of the video is provided below: 

I wanted to talk a little bit about millennials. I recently got together with a bunch of tech CEOs and one of the agenda items was discussing millennials and what each of our businesses were doing about them - were we putting in special programs in place and what have you. So it was a pretty interesting conversation, because we got back and we talked about what is really important to millennials.

It's really interesting is that one of the #1 things that millennials care about job security. Job security is really important to them and that's because of what they saw happening with their parents through different recessions and what have you. So believe it or not if you ask a millennial, one of the things they care about is job security which might be a surprise but it's a pretty important thing to realize.

We then went on to discuss other areas. They clearly value feedback, they want to be given really good feedback on how they're doing, what they need to do to succeed, and that is a very important aspect for millennials.

The next thing they really care about was whether they feel that they are valued and that there is a career plan for them, that you're investing in them, and developing them as a person inside your business so that they can be a future leader for you.

Again, when you think about it, you've got job security, feedback, and you want to give millennials a sense of being valued - all these things are great things, and really, they apply to the rest of your organization. So I think the millennial discussion is a wonderful one because it allows you to think clearly and crisply about how you should manage the overall organization.

I think they just underline, they make things bolder, they're clearer about some of these issues and I think we as leaders need to use them throughout our whole organization for every generation of employees that we have. I think there's something we can learn from millennials and that's really what I got out of it.

Clearly, it's really important that we get this right because we are trying to recruit and attract that next generation of leaders inside of our organization. Especially since some of our organizations have a higher average age and we need to be bringing that down a bit.

We need to bring that next generation of new blood and ideas inside of our businesses.

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