How Being Flexible with your Employees can Benefit your Company


How Being Flexible with your Employees can Benefit your Company

It is no secret that traffic congestion has become a big problem both globally and locally. In Toronto and the GTA (where Volaris headquarters is located) traffic and extensive commuting is not simply an occasional annoyance, but a daily expectation. According to a report by GPS Manufacturer TomTom, Toronto has the 5th worst traffic congestion on the continent - worse than New York, Chicago and Miami. This means that people are spending more time in rush hour traffic trying to get to and from work and less time at home.

Volaris has tried to combat this issue by having extended work hours-  allowing our employees to work hours better suited for their commute and their families. We care very much about the quality of worked produced in the office, but aim to be flexible with our employees.    Employees are able to plan their commute as they desire to navigate traffic, transit times and family commitments. As long as a full day is put in and the work is done well, we are satisfied.

Being flexible with your staff creates happier employees, and we know that happier employees produce better results. We want our team to be excited about our company; we recognize that their personal lives are important and we care to work with them as much as we can.

Of course there is a caveat to every system - not all job positions are able to work flexible hours. For example dealing with customers in an on-demand environment dictates the hours which need to be worked. Also some positions require group collaboration and resources which are only available in the office during core hours. It is not a flawless system, but we are open minded and try our best to offer flexible solutions to our workforce to tackle the growing GTA traffic problem combined with busy family commitments and schedules.

The workforce is the backbone of every business. People matter and the product of their hard work is crucial to the success of businesses. At Volaris we work very hard to provide a flexible environment to create an effective and energetic workforce who enjoy what they do every day.

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Grace Annab is the Chief Talent Officer at Volaris Group. She oversees Human Resources and talent management at Volaris. This keeps Grace very busy as she spends about an hour per employee creating a development plan for each employee. She is also an integral part of onboarding new acquisitions and making sure they transition seamlessly into Volaris.

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