How a Decentralized Corporate Structure Supports Growth


In this video, CEO Mark Miller discusses how Volaris’ decentralized corporate structure supports growth by empowering leaders to run and grow their businesses independently.

For your convenience, a transcript of the video is provided below:

I see the business as a bunch of different Lego blocks of different shapes and sizes, and each of those Lego blocks is run by a person who controls that business. And so we’re really the sum of our parts. By allowing different leaders to help coach other leaders to run their businesses and continue to acquire businesses and build them up—that's a very robust structure. It’s a very scalable way to do it. And the way to do it is having very little centralization, allowing leaders of our businesses to run their own show, decide what they need to do, and benchmark them against each other so they can learn best practices. That’s how it works, and it seems to be scaling very, very well. I’m very pleased with the progress today.


About the Author

Mark Miller

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Mark Miller is the Global CEO of Volaris Group and Trapeze Group. In addition, Mark is the COO at Constellation Software – Volaris Group’s parent company. He began his career as a software developer and it was during that time that he cofounded Trapeze Group in 1995. Mark has a passion for software technology and building innovative businesses that last forever. His goal is to help intrapreneurs and entrepreneurs surround themselves with a great team so that they can be leaders in their industries.

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