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Evaluating Acquirers Online

Evaluating Acquirers Online

With today’s booming digital sphere it’s no secret that pre-sale research on prospect acquirers can be done online.

The danger?

Not everything is as it appears and we need to think critically about the prospect acquirers you consider. Here’s our guide to sourcing trustworthy acquirers online:

Referrals and References

A good referral is extremely valuable in the business world. Look deeply into these acquirer’s websites and read up on their case studies, success stories and testimonials. Question who the producer of this content is, and how it has been framed.

More importantly, look outside of their website to crowdsource online discussions, forums, and networks. This will allow you to hone a more authentic understanding of the acquirer’s reputation.

Values & Philosophy

There is no black and white checklist of “good” and “bad” values. However, you must be critical of how compatible an acquirer’s values are with your own. If the values are not well aligned this could affect the execution of long-term goals and foster disparity between the parties.


How mature the company appears online is a strong indication of their posture in the business world. If a company is strong, stable and profitable they will have thoughtfully developed channels to complement their operations.


It is also important to consider what a prospect acquirer’s digital channels are saying about their internal resources. Is their website old? Are they producing new content frequently? Do they have open opportunities on their career page? These are all factors that point to how deep an organization is. Ultimately, these resources will in part become your resources - be sure to evaluate them against your client’s needs.


After vetting an acquirer’s online networks contact the prospect purchaser. These initial points of contact will reveal a lot about the purchaser’s values and agenda. Asses the quality of their interest and the level of transparency in the discussion. Revert back to their online content and evaluate how well aligned the messaging appears. 

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