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EQ: The Secret Indicator of Job Performance

EQ: The Secret Indicator of Job Performance

When it comes to recruiting top talent, organizations look for strong candidates whose qualified experiences are complimented by educational accomplishments. While these qualifications are important, there is one predictor of job performance that cannot be found on a resume: EQ. 

What is EQ?

Emotional Intelligence (EQ) is an individual’s ability to self-regulate their own emotions while correctly gauging the emotional responses of those around them. EQ is independent from personality and IQ but still weighs heavily on an individual’s operative processes. 

Qualities of High EQ Talent

1. Leadership

Individuals with high EQ’s are strong leaders. Their ability to exercise empathy and apply rational thinking allows them to manage personal relationships effectively. Leaders with high EQ’s are able to tap into issues on an emotional level and better understand their coworkers.


2. Cultural Awareness

Employees with a high EQ have heightened social awareness. They know where they fit into the corporate structure and they are comfortable communicating with their peers and upper level management. Having high EQ employees who are mindful of their environment promotes corporate wide cohesion and synergy.


3. Management

High EQ employees have superior self-awareness which makes them exceptional self-managers.  They can work autonomously and have the self-control to say “no” to any tasks they are uncertain they can take on.

Employees with high EQ also have ability to successfully manage multiple personalities and work effectively in a team. Their aptitude to accurately evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of themselves and their coworkers helps them optimize productivity.


4. Ability to Read Situations

Because people with a high EQ can gauge the emotions around them, they are adept at reading customers and the surrounding situation. As a result, they can uncover what the customer truly wants or feels even without the customer telling them, thus providing superior customer service.

Your Turn

Scout strong candidates with high EQs and reap the benefits today! 

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