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Employee Acquisition Series – Netadmin Part 1

Employee Acquisition Series – Netadmin Part 1

This week we talked with Henrik Thuren, Vice President of Product and Strategy at Netadmin, about his experience with being acquired by Volaris. Netadmin joined our Communications & Media portfolio in 2015. Below is Henrik’s take on the acquisition and life since joining Volaris.  

Two years ago we started the acquisition process and it’s been a successful and smooth process. Since I was a part of the leadership team, there was a lot of transparency between the Volaris leadership team and the team at Netadmin.

The integration process was fairly smooth. The Volaris team really knows how to perform a nice acquisition. They guided us through the whole process and I can’t recall anything that was a bump in the road, so to speak.

I think the biggest benefit is the same reason why Volaris Group has been so successful at what they’re doing: it’s an intellectual infrastructure of people who have the knowledge and best practices of how to run a software company for vertical markets. It’s been very beneficial for us to take part in that network.

If Volaris wasn’t software specific, things would be absolutely different. There are best practices to be learned from all the different companies of Volaris Group - ways that we can help each other, become better at our different disciplines - and that sets Volaris apart from other acquirers.

The biggest improvement that we’ve experienced is the transparency between our business goals and what people do on a day to day basis. Just to mention one example, we work with cascading scorecards that break down the high level business goals of the management team and company down to what every person does every day. That’s one of the things that has been so great about Volaris Group.

I would regard Volaris as much more than just your regular owner. It’s basically an intellectual infrastructure, a network of people who have experience with running software companies, and I think that’s the biggest difference. 

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