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Constellation CEO Featured in INC Magazine

Constellation CEO Featured in INC Magazine

This post references a recent INC magazine article which features Mark Leonard, CEO of Constellation Software Inc. Constellation Software is a publicly listed company (TSX: CSU) and was named top strategic acquirer in 2018 by Corum Group. 


“I want to support and encourage employees who work hard, treat others well, continuously learn, and share best practices.” 

– Mark Leonard, CEO, Constellation Software Inc. 

When employees find a company that makes them feel personally fulfilled, they are more likely to stay with their employer for the long term. David Cancel, CEO of Drift, believes that the secret to building a company where employees feel fulfilled is to make it a meritocracy. 

What to Look for in a Meritocracy 

In a recent INC Magazine articleDavid Cancel quotes Constellation Software CEO Mark Leonard regarding meritocracies. In the articleLeonard refers to a meritocracy as a place where worthy people succeed. He considers “worthy people to be those who not only work hard, but who treat others well, continuously learn, and share best practices.  

Leonard believes in building a community of likeminded professionals that have bought-in to the concept of a healthy meritocracy. Volaris’ core values are inspired by Mark Leonard as well as the people leaders within our own operating group and our vertical companies. Heres how some of our core values encourage people to work hard, treat others well and continuously learn: 

People-Focused Core Values  

1) None of us knows everything, but we all know something.  

People come together in one on one meetings and functional summits to problem solve, learn and grow. By working in collaboration, our companies are able to solve problems and attain their goals more easily than on their own.  

2) Learning is an exchange, not a one-way street. 

We are humble enough to know that our local leaders have a deeper understanding of their market, products, and people than we do. Our vertical companies learn from us, and we learn from them too. 

3Decision-making should be decentralized. 

Empowering our leaders to make their own day-to-day decisions encourages an increased personal investment in the company and small-team accountability.  

4Be competitive while maintaining integrity. 

Employees should do what they need to do in order to get the job done well, but not at the expense of others. Respect for people as well as policies is key. 

The Top Qualities of Exceptional Employees 

By adhering to our people-focused core values, we set the stage for a healthy meritocracy. However, it is equally important to hire, retain and promote people who exemplify qualities conducive to a meritocracy. To learn about the top qualities to look for in exceptional employees, read this article in the Volaris Group blog. 

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