Coaching Leaders to be Coaches


Coaching Leaders to be Coaches

When coaching is utilized effectively it can become a powerful tool to drive development, and bring fulfillment to the lives of the people that you lead as well as to your own life. 

Coaching requires a higher level of emotional intelligence, as leaders must be aware of who they are as leaders themselves, and learn to develop their own skills and competencies before they can coach other leaders to do the same.

Sharing Best Practices

Business leaders who have spent years building their businesses, and have gathered tremendous amounts of knowledge and experiences along the way find a sense of pride in coaching, as coaching becomes an outlet for them to transform their life experiences into value for others. 

At Volaris, we are consistently creating opportunities for our leaders to collaborate across multiple businesses and regions via face-to-face meetings such as academies and summits. The emphasis of these events is on sharing best practices so that our business leaders can learn, mature and grow.

Through our academies and summits, we have been able to foster a learning environment where business leaders can coach other leaders in the best practices they have implemented in their own businesses over time, and essentially become coaches of coaches.

Coaching Mindset

We realize that developing a coaching mindset is essential to the future of our leaders.

65% of coaches surveyed by Harvard Business Review ranked, “experience coaching in a similar setting” to be the top most important consideration made by companies when hiring coaches for their leaders. 

Volaris too brings together like-minded leaders who have similar industry experiences, and who are able to influence actionable and honest exchanges. We believe that providing the environment for the ongoing development of our leaders is key to developing a coaching mindset. This helps our leaders become better coaches, thereby enabling them to drive their businesses forward.

Your Turn

Do you see yourself coaching other leaders in the future? What new skills and competencies would you have to develop in order to become an effective coach? Let us know in the comments section below. Remember to share this post on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or LinkedIn if you found it useful.


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