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Achieving Financial Autonomy and Growth Post-Acquisition

M&A Videos

In this video, Volaris CFO Brian Beattie discusses how Volaris empowers its business leaders to achieve financial autonomy and growth post-acquisition.

For your convenience, a transcript of the video is provided below:

We want business leaders to continue running their business in a similar form. We acquire their business because we like them as leaders. They know their market better than we do. They know the local nuances. Clearly we can learn from the companies we acquire, and they can learn from us. We’ve done over 300 acquisitions, and we’ve accumulated a wealth of information and a database of ways in which we run software companies.

A lot of people have heard me say I’ve never worked for as financially literate or metrics-driven an organization like Volaris. I say that because we have this database, this wealth of information, and we’re so eager to share it. And when we acquire companies, the one thing we ask of them is that they report their business in a certain way, so that we can benchmark them, and we can look at them and say, well you’re running at these types of ratios and at these levels, and is that good, is it not, and who does it better, and why, and let’s talk about it.

The one thing that we would point to in the courtship process, as we identify prospects and have the opportunity to convey our story and our value proposition, it is very much one of buy-and-hold forever. We’re not there to maximize profitability over a short period of time, because we’ve got shareholders that have a return expectation, and a period time in which they need to exit that investment to drive that return. We’re here to help their company grow, we are adding fuel to the fire and accelerating their growth plans.

You tend to see the returns in a lot of ways down the road, and we’re happy with that trade-off. That growth involves upfront capital, and we are very lucky to be a profitable company. We generate a lot of capital on our own, but we are also part of Constellation Software Inc. (CSI).

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