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Why was Volaris the Right Home for Softlink?

M&A Videos

In this short video, Nathan Godfrey, Managing Director of Softlink, explains why Volaris' buy and hold method was the right choice for Softlink and how access to other business leaders was beneficial.


For your convenience, a transcript of the video is provided below:

My name is Nathan Godfrey, I'm the managing director of Softlink. Softlink is a company focused on software for libraries, educational libraries and information centres.

We were reaching a point where the shareholder base was looking for an exit. That was at the time we were in contact with Volaris. For us, one of the key criteria was what the business would be like going forward and Volaris' approach, particularly in the view to taking a long term position and never selling the company and what that meant for our customers, our staff, and our position in the market, it was really quite significant.

What I found being a part of the Volaris group is all of that time consuming work on the research, the ambiguity, and the questions is actually gone. We know are able to operate with a level of certainty and direction, which isn't available when you're operating on your own as a standalone company.

As the business leader, having access to other business leaders who are addressing the same sorts of challenges and problems, is a tremendous benefit. The access to consistent and data driven benchmarks is also extremely valuable.

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