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Why Volaris was the Right Acquirer

In this short video, Kevin Bradley, Managing Director of Wellington IT, explains why Volaris was the right fit as an acquirer for Wellington IT and how Volaris has helped their business to grow.


For your preference, a transcription of the video is available below.

My name is Kevin Bradley and I'm the Managing Director of Wellington IT. We're vertical market software specialists in the financial services space.

The core values and philosophies of Wellington are a great match with those of Volaris. I know that’s important when selecting the acquisition partner. We've dealt with our customers for a really long time. We have a number of customers and staff that have been with us for 20 or 25 years.

The long term outlook that they [Volaris] take, dealing with honesty and integrity in what they do, putting the customer at the centre of the experience - would be an exact match with ourselves.

The buy and hold outlook at Volaris is very important to Wellington staff and to our customers. We wanted to make sure the changes we were making in the business are right in the long term. We would have had concerns if it was a venture capitalist or other type of acquirer and for what that might mean if someone was looking for a quick exit.

Now that Wellington has found a permanent home with Volaris, I think there's definite possibilities for the business that we didn't have before. The expertise that Volaris and the wider Constellation group can bring of some of the vertical market software specialisms and how that type of business should be run have been great for us. A number of the things they have seen before and experiences they have with what's going well, what hasn't gone well, has given us great direction.

I think for us, in terms of post-acquisition success, we're only one year into the Volaris journey and it's been a year that's exceeded all our expectations. It's been the best financial results of Wellington's history so the best financial results of the past 33 years. What Volaris brought to help us was the focus they bring, the measurement, and the metrics and we weren't going to that level of depth before. The coaching that comes with it as well - with why we use those metrics and the difference that can make to the business. So we've really seen a change in the first 12 months and look forward to where that brings us moving forward.

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