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Customer Engagement and Business Growth

In this video, CEO Mark Miller discusses how getting to know your customers and making changes to your organization can help you break out of your plateau and grow your business.

For your convenience, a transcript of the video is provided below:

I want to talk about challenging the plateau, which happens when your business gets stuck. It’s stuck at a certain size, it doesn’t seem to be doing anything differently, and everybody is comfortable at that plateau. But you as the leader say to yourself, I’ve got to do more, I’ve got to grow this thing, I’ve got to change things up and get this business heading in an upward direction.

I would encourage you when you’re feeling that to get closer to your customers, to spend the time to go out and study your customers. And look at places where your products currently aren’t being used. With customers that are currently using your products, go into departments or areas of the business that you’ve never been to before, and study them, and see what you can do. You have to go in there with a really open mind to new ideas, and you just might be able to do something that will make their lives easier, provide some value to them, and therefore provide you with an opportunity to break out of your plateau by taking you to another direction.

Another way you can come at it is you can look at shifting up your organization, changing it around. Sometimes change is good for the sake of change—it shakes things up. It also allows you to develop your people a little bit more.

So I would come at it from two angles. I’d say study your customers more than you’ve ever studied them before, and go in there with a really open mind. Or just shake things up. Re-organize your business, move some people around. Maybe even bring in a new leader if you need to. But just shake things up and you might be able to break out of that plateau and start seeing that growth.

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