8 Disruptive Technology Trends to Consider Before Selling Your Software Company


8 Disruptive Technology Trends to Consider Before Selling Your Software Company

Over the past decade, the technology landscape has undergone many radical changes. Here are the top 8 technology trends that are affecting M&A activity for Vertical Market Software companies today:  

1. Social Software

Businesses are seeking applications to enhance relationships, integrate stakeholders, and network with partners. ‘Social Search’ will be used to monitor reputation and access real-time analytics of key consumer metrics.  

2. Cloud Based Applications

Cloud technology has prompted a seismic shift in how organizations obtain and maintain software, hardware, and computing capacity. Cloud will continue to transform all business processes.

3. Strategic Big Data

Big Data is moving from a focus on individual projects to full enterprise information architecture. Data volume, variety, and complexity are all forcing changes to traditional approaches.

4. Advanced Analytics

Analytics are increasingly delivered in real-time, at the point of action, and in context. Improved performance and reduced costs offer enhanced predictability and visibility for better business decision making.

5. Machine-to-Machine (M2M) Networks

M2M technologies empower wireless systems to communicate with other devices sharing the same capabilities, thus generating networks of smart devices that are more powerful, robust, and agile.

6. Mobile & Tablet Popularity

The responsive/mobile web is fast becoming a must-have capability. All organizations need to consider accessibility via mobile device if they are to stay competitive.

7. Electronic Concierge Services

While Siri may be the most popular electronic agent, there should be no doubt that this technology will continue to evolve in the coming years. Soon enough, all industries (retail, manufacturing, and medical) will have Siri-like assistants.

8. Improved Location Awareness

While it may be reminiscent of Big Brother, this technology will take geo-social marketing to new heights for companies in all industries across verticals.

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