6 Steps to Landing Page Perfection


6 Steps to Landing Page Perfection

Landing pages serve as a backbone for lead generation. Not only do they promote conversions, they also deliver refined messaging to prospects. All too often, landing pages fall victim to poor practices and mismanagement. The result is either a high volume of poor quality leads, or an abnormally low volume of high quality leads. These adverse effects ultimately drain your resource’s time and effort.

Here are 6 best practices we at Volaris consider when creating landing pages:

1. Understand Your Funnel

Before you begin building a landing page it’s important to identify where your visitors are in the buying cycle. Tailoring the right depth of content and appropriate CTAs will help you to achieve higher conversions.

2. Customization

The more personalization you can offer your visitor, the better. Start by creating strategic form fields that you are sure your visitor will fit into. If a visitor “fits” into your field options the more likely they are to complete the action.

Offer “smart” call to actions. Smart CTAs are pre-populated forms for returning visitors. Not only do they enhance personalization, they require minimal action from the visitor.

3. Call to Action

Strategizing where your CTA falls within the landing page is imperative. Studies show that site visitors often miss the bottom and top of webpages entirely. Our solution: always use a vertical form. Vertical forms nest in the center of the landing page which means a higher chance of visibility.

4. Thank You Page

Once you have got your visitor to perform a CTA, you have likely secured their interest. Take advantage of your prospect’s present attention and use a thank you page to link them back to relevant content.  Spotlight content that shows the prospect that you have thought about their pain points and can offer sustainable solutions.

5. Focus on Quality, Not Quantity

While many companies are speculative of 5+ form fields, they prove to be far more advantageous in the long run. Of course, longer form fields mean less conversions. However, longer forms naturally wean out unqualified leads. This frees up resources to tackle “the right fish”.

6. Mobile Compatibility

Mobile compatibility is key to a healthy conversion rate. We use our mobiles to access everything- landing pages included. If a prospect arrives at your landing page to find an incompatible broken page, they are likely to abort. Cover all of your bases and show your prospects that you know what you are doing.

Your Turn

Test, test, test! Try something new with your landing pages today. Measure your results and refine your strategy until you’ve achieved a seamless system.


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Mark Miller is the Global CEO of Volaris Group and Trapeze Group. In addition, Mark is the COO at Constellation Software – Volaris Group’s parent company. He began his career as a software developer and it was during that time that he cofounded Trapeze Group in 1995. Mark has a passion for software technology and building innovative businesses that last forever. His goal is to help intrapreneurs and entrepreneurs surround themselves with a great team so that they can be leaders in their industries.

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