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5 Ways Decentralization Empowers Business Leaders 

5 Ways Decentralization Empowers Business Leaders 

If you’re a business leader that has been running your own business for many years, the prospect of having a boss post-acquisition can be anxiety-provoking. But it doesn’t need to be.  

In a decentralized corporate structure, corporate bosses help business leaders improve their businesses and grow professionally. Below are some of the top ways we empower our leaders.  

5 ways decentralized corporate bosses empower business leaders:  

They acknowledge your industry expertise. 

Recognizing that our business leaders know their market better than we do, when they tell us what they need to accelerate their company’s growth, we listen.  

They respect your ability to manage day-to-day decisions. 

We trust that our business leaders know what is best for their customers and staff, so we don’t get involved in their day to day decisions.  

They make decisions in collaboration with you. 

When it comes to making strategic decisions, our corporate leaders and business unit leaders both get their say.  

They mentor you and encourage you to be a mentor to others.   

From marketing to accounting, our corporate leaders are constantly helping our business leaders overcome functional challenges. We share our expertise and bring our leaders together so that they can share their expertise and learn from each other.   

They are great career coaches. 

Our corporate leaders help our business leaders take on more strategic roles; we’ve also helped several business leaders become portfolio leaders.  

Want to Learn More About Decentralization?  

You can think of a decentralized business as a bunch of different Lego blocks of different shapes and sizes. Each of those blocks is completely unique and it’s run by a person who controls that that business. We allow the leaders of our businesses to run their own show and we benchmark them so they can learn best practices. To learn more about what makes a decentralized corporate structure different, watch the video.


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