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Providing comprehensive supply chain solutions and technologies that enable businesses to efficiently produce, process and deliver quality food and drink.

Aeros provides integrated software solutions to the Egg and Poultry industry to address their financial and flock decision making needs.

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For over 30 years AMIC has specialized in providing comprehensive, easy-to-use solutions that are tailored specifically to the grain trading, agronomy, feed & flour milling industries.

CORE Software is a leading provider of agribusiness and retail solutions for agri-trading, animal feed milling, dairy processing, and hardware retailing industries.

Cultura Technologies develops comprehensive software solutions that enable Agri-Food businesses to efficiently produce, process, and deliver quality food and bio-products.

ExtendAg offers supply chain management solutions for fruit, vegetable, and beverage processors.

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Greenstone enables the diversified grain industry and cooperatives to maximize value with best-in-class business solutions.

Primetics provides solutions for farm management, commodity trading, milling and more.

Proceres provides domain expertise and integrated solutions for grain origination companies to streamline their shipping and receiving processes.

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Solentra is an agri-business services and software business that delivers solutions to meet the demands of our customers across the global agriculture sector.

Tibersoft is a leading provider of SaaS analytics solutions for CPG foodservice providers.

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