John Bureau, General Manager at Wynne Systems

"Our previous parent company’s core competence was renting equipment, and having an enterprise software division did not suit their current operational model."

-John Bureau, General Manager at Wynne Systems

Success Snapshot - Wynne Systems

Success Snapshot - Wynne Systems

Challenges and Goals

Wynne Systems is an international enterprise resource planning software (ERP) company deployed in 6 continents, with software products translated in 17 languages, which are made available in over 40 countries. They offer integrated software solutions for the equipment rental space, and are focused on large market players such as multi-national businesses, whereas Wynne systems prior parent company was the largest equipment rental provider.

For Wynne Systems being acquired by Volaris was like walking into the unknown. They were unaware as to what the future held for their company and were in dire need of consistent messaging and guidance from Volaris, so as to grasp their maximum potential. 

The Volaris Difference

Wynne Systems found an understanding parent company in the Volaris Group. Volaris set multiple expectations from the company, and equipped them with effective processes, techniques and methods that would help them meet those expectations. Since being acquired, some of the major benefits that Volaris brought to Wynne Systems are as follows:

  • A consistent set of metrics to measure their business performance.
  • Assisted them in determining the market value for their products and narrowing their focus on key market segments.
  • Provided a legal structure that helped them define patentable products and a path to secure those patents.
  • Made available an operational hierarchy that helped them gain access to collaborative information.
  • Volaris also encouraged Wynne Systems to reinvest profits back into the business, which in turn helped them develop better products and expand their clientele.

Wynne Systems has always had a loyal employee base which thrived within the Volaris environment. According to John Bureau, the General Manager at Wynne Systems; Volaris effectively communicated to them an appreciation for the employees in the division and helped them continue cultivating a loyal employee base, which resulted in a zero head count reduction since the acquisition took place.

Overall, Wynne Systems is extremely satisfied by the efforts made by Volaris to equip them with the necessary tools, software applications, and digital collaborative workspaces, which has allowed them to progressively expand their financial results.

The Difference

Before Volaris

  • Previous parent did not have software experience
  • Limited knowledge about developing a profitable marketing mix


  • Required guidance to grasp their maximum potential
  • Needed a parent company with a strategic vision that understood the enterprise software market

After Volaris

  • Volaris has provided access to collaborative information
  • Developed better products and increased customer base
  • Narrow their focus on key market segments and define the market value for their products