Alex Dunne, Co-Founder of Wellington Software

“We liked how Volaris used a long-term lens in its approach, setting the company up for sustainable success.”

-Alex Dunne, Co-Founder of Wellington Software

Success Snapshot- Wellington Computer Systems Ltd.

Success Snapshot- Wellington Computer Systems Ltd.

Challenges and Goals

Wellington Computer Systems Ltd. began by launching a comprehensive ERP solution for the beverage industry. Over the years, Wellington successfully expanded into the credit union industry and now serves over 150 credit unions throughout Ireland.

After 30 years of successful growth, Wellington co-founders Alex Dunne and Kevin Taylor knew it was time to start thinking about retirement and succession planning.

The Volaris Difference

Without a clear succession plan in place, Dunne was receptive when approached by Volaris Group. After meeting with representatives from Volaris, Dunne felt that he had found a natural home for their business. Volaris’ buy-and-hold acquisition philosophy was well-aligned with Dunne & Taylor’s long and short-term goals. Volaris also leveraged their experience in the financial services sector to help steer the credit union side of Wellington towards success.

Since the acquisition, some of the major benefits that Volaris brought to Wellington are as follows:

  • A sharper focus to commercial matters through the implementation of reporting guidelines

  • Increased customer satisfaction

  • Improved operations through the sharing of shared best practices

  • Developed talent through performance metrics, internal benchmarking & talent reviews

  • Positioned the company for long-term sustainable success as Dunne & Taylor move towards retirement

“At the end of the day, Volaris did everything they said they would and everybody thinks of the sale positively.” - Alex Dunne, Co-founder of Wellington Software

Both Wellington’s staff and customers are pleased with the acquisition and look forward to the future developments with Volaris.