Lauren Fischer, Travisoft

“My father was looking for an exit strategy and Volaris was the right company at the right time. They gave him what he was looking for and it gave me the opportunity to gain more exposure as the Managing Director.”

-Lauren Fischer, Travisoft

Success Snapshot: Travisoft

Success Snapshot: Travisoft

Challenges and Goals

Prior to being acquired, Travisoft was very successful in the benefits administration vertical, and had 40% market share. After 25 years at the helm, the founder decided it was time to sell his business and allow his daughter to assume the leadership role.

Though doing well, Travisoft lacked the support and encouragement to expand their solution portfolio. They also needed a parent who understood branding and could help to align their messaging with Travisoft’s position in the market.

Travisoft found the right parent in Volaris. Volaris provided the exit strategy that the founder wanted, and had the knowledge and expertise to continue to grow and expand Travisoft into new markets.

The Volaris Difference

In 2012, Volaris acquired Travisoft. Since then, Travisoft has experience three key benefits:

  • Engaged employees who are thrilled to gain exposure to new markets and to be a part of a larger team
  • Focus on customer service mentality. Before Volaris, there were a few inefficiencies with customer service, but Volaris’ expertise helped correct those, and aided Travisoft in adopting this new mindset
  • Revitalized branding; aligned messaging and positioning for the company

Since the acquisition, Travisoft has continued to grow and employees believe that this acquisition has been a change for the better. 

“At Volaris, we maintain a buy and hold business strategy. As a result of our commitment to the long-term prosperity for all of our acquisitions, we believe in the importance of coaching as well as learning from their leadership teams. Working closely with Travisoft’s team has created a platform for their expansion and will enable their continuing success”. – Mark Miller, CEO, Volaris Group
The Difference

Before Volaris

  • Founder wanted an exit strategy
  • Successful, but there was still potential to expand
  • Misaligned positioning and messaging


  • Update brand
  • Streamline messaging and positioning
  • Look for new opportunities to grow

After Volaris

  • Update brand
  • Streamline messaging and positioning
  • Look for new opportunities to grow