“We needed help to become more efficient and establish a more stable financial footing. Volaris cut the overhead so we could survive on our own cash flow and become competitive in the market again. We started focusing on development of our product and marketing to larger customers. Volaris gave us a new lease on life.”

-JJ Shea, SBC

Success Snapshot: SBC

Success Snapshot: SBC

Challenges and Goals

SBC was marketing a UNIX-based software solution until 2001. As is often the case in the software market, technology evolved and SBC faced aggressive competition from companies offering a Windows-based solution. SBC rushed their own Windows application to market, hoping to attract new customers reliant on the Windows platform. But instead, existing customers migrated to the new Windows solution, which was not yet fully developed. It was buggy and lacked some functionality of the older, UNIX system. Because these customers were accustomed to a flexible and sophisticated solution, they were dissatisfied and frustrated with the Windows application. As a result, marketing of the new product suffered and company cash flow became a cause of concern.

The Volaris Difference

Volaris acquired SBC in 2008. Since then, SBC has experienced three key benefits:

  • The existing infrastructure at Volaris allowed SBC to cut overhead, reallocate resources and function in a more nimble and efficient manner. As a result, SBC’s existing revenue stream was able to support growth and development.
  • HR tasks are now handled by Volaris, which frees up SBC’s staff to develop the software and focus on marketing and sales, particularly to larger clients.
  • In recent years, Volaris has extended its investment in the rental management software vertical, which has helped customer perception of SBC’s own product and positioned the company well as a thought leader and industry expert

Since the acquisition, with a more solid financial underpinning, SBC has moved forward with an ambitious corporate vision. The software is now more flexible, more scalable, and integrates better with other solutions, and the company is positioned for future growth and expansion.

“SBC had simply lost their way. The enterprise software market, no matter the vertical, requires that a company adapt to evolving technologies. We came in and empowered SBC to be more competitive and nimble in the marketplace. Now SBC is offering a cutting-edge rental software application that is even more sophisticated than the one they were selling before.” -- Mark Miller, CEO, Volaris Group
The Difference

Before Volaris

  • Poor perception of SBC’s product in the marketplace
  • Software lacked key functionality
  • Overhead costs were eating into the bottom line


  • Cut overhead
  • Free up staff to focus on development
  • More ambition; target larger clients

After Volaris

  • Overhead is cut to manageable levels
  • Staff are free to develop product functionality
  • New, larger clients are coming online