Stephane Bourque, Incognito Software Inc.

“We were eager to grow our business further but we needed more investment and resources to do this effectively”

-Stephane Bourque, Incognito Software Inc.

Success Snapshot: Incognito

Success Snapshot: Incognito

Challenges and Goals

Incognito Software Inc. (Incognito) is an Operations Support Systems solution business, with its products sold to communication service providers in the cable and telecommunications markets. Though the company was in a strong financial position with a solid customer base, they needed capital and an investor who could take Incognito to the next level and help them grow.

In order to sell, Stephane Bourque, CEO of Incognito, wanted a buyer who would not dismantle the company post acquisition and allow the company’s integrity to remain intact while moving the business forward with him at the helm as CEO.

The Volaris Difference

Incognito found the right buyer in Volaris Group. With the buy and hold strategy offered by Volaris, Incognito was assured that Volaris was committed for the long run. Since being acquired in 2014, Incognito has experienced some key benefits:

  • An infusion of capital to pursue new growth strategies.
  • Introduction of key performance indicators has helped management make accurate assessments and strengthen the business.
  • The company has also gained a vast amount of operational and financial expertise from Volaris.

Feedback from the employees has been positive since the acquisition. There were no significant structural changes within the organization so business could carry on as usual. Overall, Bourque and the Incognito team felt that selling to Volaris was a positive experience and the company strongly feels that they have a bright future ahead of them.

The Difference

Before Volaris

  • Strong financial position and customer base, but there was potential to expand
  • Lack of sufficient resources to pursue expansion


  • Required an investor who wouldn't dismantle the company post acquisition
  • Needed Capital investment to grow the business

After Volaris

  • Infusion of capital to pursue growth
  • Gained financial and operational expertise from Volaris
  • Were able to successfully strengthen and expand the business