Jim Baker, Cultura Technologies, Ltd.

The agri-food software business is extremely competitive. After trying to be aggressive in the market, we had overextended ourselves. Volaris provided the financial and knowledge support to empower us to be strategic in our goal setting. We are now opening new and diverse markets and growing the business.

-Jim Baker, Cultura Technologies, Ltd.

Success Snapshot: Cultura Technologies

Success Snapshot: Cultura Technologies

Challenges and Goals

After a period of reorganization and consolidation in the agricultural software market, two leading companies joined forces to become the largest supplier of specialized grain trading and aggregation systems in the UK. However, the company lacked the liquid capital to persist with an aggressive growth strategy. Without scalability and vision, the company found it challenging to sustain its efforts across the board. The agricultural software market is aggressive and fast-paced and this company needed a parent partner with resources to support an assertive strategy. With multiple competitors in a limited market, the agri-food industry offered opportunity for strategic consolidation.

The Volaris Difference

Volaris presented this opportunity and the company launched aggressive and strategic partnerships within the agri-food software market and was ultimately rebranded as Cultura Technologies. With Volaris’ support Cultura has realized three major benefits:

  • A 5-year growth plan was introduced and Volaris demonstrated a willingness to invest the resources required to fulfill that plan, including investments in infrastructure and internal systems.
  • Volaris has a wealth of knowledge and experience in the enterprise software market to share. And the entities within Cultura are also now free to share with each other. Cultura’s new combined strength has opened access to new and diverse markets.
  • Volaris is extremely invested in individual employee growth and provides numerous opportunities for personal development.

Feedback since the acquisition has been overwhelmingly positive. The employees feel as if they are a part of a more professional organization that is more transparent with their performance.

A lot of companies would have been hesitant about entering the agri-food software market. It was very competitive and financial success would not have come without some measure of reinvestment, which private equity firms tend to resist. We have the experience and strategic thinking that allowed Cultura to thrive in this vertical and they are now positioned for continued success. -- Mark Miller, CEO, Volaris Group
The Difference

Before Volaris

  • Company was under-capitalized to capture future growth of the business
  • Company growth was stagnant and required strategic refresh
  • Ability to lead consolidation process was diminished


  • Reinvestment of resources into the company
  • Return strategic thinking to management
  • Ability to open new markets for continued growth

After Volaris

  • Management has been able to plan for growth and has considerable support
  • Volaris’s experience and knowledge in the market has offered strategic advantage
  • Transparent talent management process helps attract and retain talent